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About Us

SPORT 2000



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We believe in the power of sports and its ability to help us all achieve great things. Our goal is to inspire people to make sports and fitness a part of their lives. It makes no difference whether they’re pros or amateurs: We share our passion for sports, our expertise, and our personal approach, always with a human touch. The sports fans who work for us provide all of our customers with advice, tailored to their individual sporting needs.

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We offer customers exclusive brands and the most current trends sweeping the sports world. By providing advice from people who are just as passionate about sports as our customers themselves are, we aim to create a unique shopping experience. Innovative technologies guarantee that every one of our customers receives a product which perfectly meets their requirements.

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yet part of an
international group

We are an association of sports retail experts. As part of an international group, each one of our retailers has access to exclusive brands under excellent conditions. In addition, our collective expertise is enhanced and our retail group is strengthened by the unique skills brought by each individual member. SPORT 2000 retailers are perfectly integrated into their regions and, thanks to their in-depth understanding of their customers’ needs, they have a strong relationship with their customers. What differentiates us is that our retailers communicate directly with their sports-loving customers and understand their unique training goals.



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At SPORT 2000 International, we’re passionate about sports and everyone who shares this feeling. We love helping our customers to achieve their personal sports and fitness goals, no matter if they’re beginners, amateurs, or sports fanatics. This passion has turned us into one of the largest sports retailer groups in Europe. Our 35,000 employees provide professional, personal advice, and excellent customer service across more than 20 countries. We offer a huge range of high-quality sporting goods from the hottest international brands in skiing, running, teamsport, fitness, and outdoor sports. Our sales figures demonstrate just how popular our approach is: in 2018, we and our 3,555 dedicated SPORT 2000 stores achieved total sales of €3.9 billion. Together, we are more than your well-known sporting goods retailer. We're the retailer with the human touch.
SPORT 2000 Schweiz AG (Switzerland) is established as a subsidiary of SPORT 2000 Germany.
The “Sports & Fashion” concept drives expansion in city centers and shopping centers.
The ski rental business launches in Austria. SPORT 2000 partners have since then internationalized the rental concept, bringing it to France, Italy, and Switzerland. SPORT 2000 rent now has more than 600 rental locations, making it one of the largest ski rental organizations in Europe’s ski resorts.
New markets are captured and new concepts implemented.
The International Alliance of National Organizations in Germany and Austria joins forces with the French group to operate under the name SPORT 2000.
Golden Team International, the forerunner of SPORT 2000 International in Switzerland, is established.
Expansion, particularly in winter sports resorts (Sport 2000 Montagne).
Fachsport-International, the forerunner of SPORT 2000 Germany, is established.
Sports retailers join forces to create Zentralgruppe Einkauf, a central purchasing group in Austria and the forerunner of SPORT 2000.
Zentrasport International is launched.
Golden Team International, the forerunner of SPORT 2000 International in Switzerland, is established. SPORT 2000 is established in France when 36 retailers come together.


Our Team

Board Members

chairman of the board
Dr. Holger Schwarting
Holger Schwarting has been the chairman of the supervisory board of SPORT 2000 International since 2012. Holger Schwarting – an international strategist – joined SPORT 2000 in 2010, when he became director of the sports retailer group in Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Prior to this, Holger Schwarting honed his strategic understanding of market developments during his international studies at such places as St. Gallen, Toronto, and Shanghai, and during his many years of marketing experience in renowned global corporations. Sports are important to Holger Schwarting in both his personal and professional life. His favorite activities include squash and tennis, which he likes both: to watch and playing himself.
vice chairman of the board
Matthias Grevener
Matthias Grevener has been a member of the board of directors of the ANWR GROUP eG, which has been owning SPORT 2000 Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Netherlands, since 2006. In addition, Matthias Grevener is the Chairman of the supervisory board of SPORT 2000 Switzerland and Deputy Chairman of the supervisory board of SPORT 2000 International. He likes to spend his leisure time outdoors, either skiing or playing tennis.
board member
Hans-Hermann Deters
Hans-Hermann Deters has been CEO of SPORT 2000 Germany since late 2014. In 2015, he was appointed Board Member of SPORT 2000 International. Deters has worked in the sports industry for more than 25 years. Over the course of his career, he has held management positions at companies such as Reebok, Heinz Kettler GmbH, and Ara Shoes AG. In his free time, Deters heads for the mountains to hike in the summer and ski in the winter.
board member
Jean-Louis Parent
Jean-Louis Parent has been a Board Member of SPORT 2000 International and SPORT 2000 France since 2011. Earlier in his career, Jean-Louis Parent worked as an auditor at KPMG and later as CFO of the Yves Rocher Group. Before joining SPORT 2000, he held management positions at Prénatal and Lissac l'Opticien. Parent loves to spend his leisure time hiking and skiing.
board member
Marius Rovers
Marius Rovers has been a Board Member of SPORT 2000 International since 2005. Before establishing his own consulting firm, Marius Rovers was General Manager of SPORT 2000 Netherlands. The Dutchman studied retail management at Templeton College in Oxford before gaining a wealth of professional experience in international sports companies such as Intersport International. When Marius Rovers isn’t busy with the business side of sports, he likes to bike and to play golf.


Margit Gosau
Margit Gosau has been CEO of SPORT 2000 International since March 2017. Margit Gosau holds a degree in business administration and 25 years of experience with global players in the sports and premium fashion industry. She has been enjoying a very successful career to date, holding international leadership positions in sales, product management, marketing, retail concepts, and global brand management. In her leisure time, Margit Gosau enjoys skiing, running, and playing golf.
Dieter Schott
Dieter Schott has been Commercial Director of SPORT 2000 International since January 2013. After completing his studies in Vienna, where he majored in sports management and sports sciences, he worked – amongst others – for Nike Alpine Region. In 2001, he was appointed CEO of Head Tyrolia Austria. In 2007, Dieter Schott held the position of the Country Manager for Germany, Austria, and Slovenia at the Finish L-Fashion Group. Dieter Schott’s favorite sports include skiing, tennis, badminton, and swimming.
Sabine Balonier
Sabine Balonier has been a loyal member of the SPORT 2000 International team since 2002, when she began her career with the sports retail organization as an Assistant, in what was then the footwear business unit. She was later promoted to product manager before being appointed Category Manager Teamsports Footwear in 2018. Sabine Balonier, who holds qualifications in retail management and commerce, has been Executive Assistant to the CEO since 2019. Tae-bo, Nordic walking, and biking help Balonier unwind when she’s not at work.
Heike Bischoff
Heike Bischoff has been working for SPORT 2000 International since 2003. For her first few years at the sports retail group, Heike Bischoff was responsible for controlling. In 2007, she took on the additional position of Assistant to the CEO. Since 2015, Heike Bischoff has focused on controlling, IT coordination, and IT projects. Before joining SPORT 2000, Heike Bischoff was a team leader in a telecommunications company. Being a huge soccer fan, Heike Bischoff follows the Bundesliga closely. She likes to unwind by doing yoga and going for long walks with her dogs.
Erika Schuh
Erika Schuh is a Business Analyst who joined SPORT 2000 International in August 2018. With her comprehensive knowledge, Erika Schuh is responsible for analytical surveys on consumer and market insights. The business graduate has several years of experience as a statistician and business analyst including time with A.C. Nielsen, Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland GmbH, Catalina Marketing Germany, Fitness First Germany, and Hess Natur-Textilien GmbH. One of Erika Schuh’s favorite sports is mountain biking.
Mike Kerbage
Mike Kerbage joined SPORT 2000 International in September 2019 as the International Marketing Manager. He is in charge of brand management, brand development and brand communication. He holds a Master’s degree in Sports Marketing and Management from the University of Lyon in France. In the past, he has worked with premium bike brands in France and Spain before moving to Germany where he worked in Online and Digital Marketing. In his leisure time he practices martial arts and plays football.
Miriam Rocca
Miriam Rocca has been the Administrative Support Manager A-Brands at SPORT 2000 International since March 2018. Miriam Rocca, who is originally trained in industrial management, previously worked at SPORT 2000 as an Assistant in the footwear business unit. Before joining SPORT 2000, she was Team Leader of air carrier services at Jeppesen GmbH and Head of Research at Hirche Personaloptimierung. In her free time, Miriam Rocca plays tennis, and loves to go skiing.
Véronique Lequeux
Véronique Lequeux has devoted the past 20 years of her career to SPORT 2000 International where she began in 1999 as Assistant to the Manager of the apparel business unit. The certified retail specialist was later promoted to Customer Relationship Manager. In February 2018, Véronique Lequeux took on the position of Project Manager E-Brands. In addition to her native language (French), Véronique Lequeux is fluent in German as well as in English and basic in Spanish. She likes to spend her leisure time hiking in the countryside and doing fitness.
Jean Marie Jakob
Jean Marie Jakob has been supporting the SPORT 2000 International category team since August 2018 as a Student Trainee. After graduating high school, where she focused on business subjects, Jean Marie Jakob started her business degree in 2017 at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt. When she’s not working or studying, Jean Marie Jakob likes to recharge her batteries by doing yoga or by hiking in the countryside.
André Navratil
André Navratil has been part of the SPORT 2000 family since the beginning of his career. He completed his training in office administration and retail at ANWR GROUP eG, which owns SPORT 2000 Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Netherlands. André Navratil worked for SPORT 2000 Germany as Product Manager for the snowboarding division until 2014 and gained his first experience in e-commerce as Joint Head of the platform boardscout.de. He subsequently moved to SPORT 2000 International. Today he is Category Manager of footwear and equipment for running, training, leisure, team sports, and roller sports. André Navratil’s hobbies are as sporty as his career: they include biking, inline skating, snowboarding, ice hockey, inline hockey, and e-sports.
Niko Schulz
Nico Schulz has held the position of Category Manager of training, running, and lifestyle apparel since 2018. Niko Schulz has enjoyed a distinguished career at SPORT 2000. Before taking on his current position, he was Category Manager of team sports, first layer, and swimwear apparel, and Product Manager of textile e-brands. Before joining SPORT 2000, the qualified Logistics Manager worked for several years for Quick Schuh Handelsgesellschaft, where his roles included the position of Junior Product Manager. Niko Schulz spends his leisure time with his family and going after his favorite sport: running.
Verena Schledorn
Verena Isabel Schledorn has been a member of the SPORT 2000 team since 2007. Before moving to SPORT 2000 International in 2012 she worked for SPORT 2000 Germany. Today, she is the Senior Category Manager of first layer and swim & beach/textiles. Verena Schledorn discovered her passion for textiles when she was just a child. After completing an apprenticeship in retail, she studied textile management, majoring in marketing and design. In her leisure time, she likes to travel and explore the world with her son.
Anne Schneider
Anne Schneider has been a key member of the SPORT 2000 International team since September 2007. She worked as a Product Manager of various product groups in the equipment segment for several years before becoming Category Manager for winter sports and swim & beach equipment in 2018. Anne Schneider spends much of her leisure time in the mountains, where she likes to go snowboarding, skiing, climbing, and hiking. She always makes sure to bring SPORT 2000 products along with her so she can test them herself.
Katja Reich
Katja Reich has been part of the SPORT 2000 International team since January 2018. After completing her A-levels, she completed her studies as a certified clothing engineer. Ten years of professional experience at Jack Wolfskin have paved the way for her as Category Manager in the field of outdoor & winter apparel. In this position, the trained clothing engineer lives her passion for the textile industry. She spends her free time biking, running and mountaineering. In addition, she is a tour guide for hiking trips in Sicily, in particular the Aeolian Islands.
Steffen Kunz
Steffen Kunz started his career as part of the SPORT 2000 International Team in 2002. The qualified sports specialist has been deeply involved in sports retailing since the beginning of his career and has held management positions in various sports shops. In 2002, he decided to enter international ground and took over the position as product manager for hardware at SPORT 2000 International. He joined Business Unit Manager Footwear in 2009 and is now Senior Category Manager for outdoor / footwear and equipment. Even in his spare time, he lives his passion for sports. His favorites are hiking, tennis, running and football.
Beate Kasper
Beate Kasper is supporting the textile category management team as an assistant since July 2019. From 2013 to 2016 the mother of three children already worked for SPORT 2000 International GmbH as an administrative assistant. The trained hotel specialist was previously employed in international software companies before stepping foot into the sports industry in 2007. Her favourite hobbies include motorcycling and skiing, among many other activities.
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